We are well-equipped to help you to manage your agricultural project at any stage from field to fork


Partners in FreeTree

We strive to improve the food security of individuals in rural Africa by providing African farmers with free avocado tree seedlings, while helping them reduce the costs of avocado production and assisting in profitable global distribution.

Partners in Selaria

Thomasina Madagascar

Rosh Hanikra Israel

We are helping to leverage the medicinal properties of macro red algae through sustainable growth and harvesting on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. The ingredients and benefits of macro red algae have proven valuable as a sustainable commodity for the cosmetics and skincare industry.

Field To Fork Projects

Daklak Vietnam

With careful project planning and implementation of lychee and avocado field to fork projects, our team is poised to help farmers create a sustainable source of income with high-quality yield and efficient distribution to optimize profit margins.

Post-Harvest Advisory

We provide onsite guidance and post-harvest support to farmers in Israel, Africa, and southeast Asia, in order to ensure best practices are followed to achieve an optimal result and maximum profitability.

Medical Cannabis

Through planning, implementation, and management of medical cannabis projects, we seek to help farmers utilize the most profitable growing methods and source the best channels for distribution, as a means of capitalizing on growing demand.