Yam-Projects Is A Leader In Global Food Security Efforts and Research-Driven Partnerships In The Fields of Agriculture and Horticulture

Our Company Was Established To Focus On Impact Projects That Encompass The Following Areas:

Worldwide agriculture projects

Precision agriculture

Expert Agronomic Support

Post-harvest and packing houses

Medical Cannabis projects

Micro & Macro Algae solutions

Industrial-based project

Marine-Related research projects

Logistic and transport project (TPL)

With hands-on experience working on a variety of projects, we have a proven record of success in everything from small-scale setups, to large and complex agriculture projects.

We will manage your agriculture project at any stage from concept to completion, with assistance in project scoping, budgeting, approval applications, tender preparation, project supervision, post-harvest support, training, commissioning, and marketing.

Our self-tailored processes merge all the necessary elements for establishing a successful Agri business, from development to operation, and follow the principals of the European Green Deal while promoting the benefits of a circular economy. 


As one of the top worldwide concerns, food security continues to disproportionately affect populations in underserved communities in Africa and beyond. 

As an agriculture/horticulture consultancy and project management firm based in Israel, the team at Yam-Projects has come together to bring our combined knowledge and efforts full circle, from field to fork and beyond. 

We consistently draw on the knowledge and experience of our top growers, engineers, irrigation specialists, and professional mechanical teams to create and implement effective solutions to drive the industry forward. 

Yam-Projects was established to help improve access to fresh, healthy food for individuals living in rural impoverished areas, and to increase income stability for farmers in rural African communities. Something as simple as an avocado seedling or a lychee tree can provide food security for underserved populations for years to come, and can provide young children with the vitamins, protein, and wholesome nutrients their bodies need to grow and thrive.

These impactful and life-changing efforts represent the very foundation of Yam-Projects, and our successful results continue to inspire our motivation in everything we do, and every partnership we seek.


We strive to improve the food security of individuals in rural Africa by providing African farmers with free avocado tree seedlings, while helping them reduce the costs of avocado production and assisting in profitable global distribution. 

Thomasina Madagascar

With a focus on innovation, technology, and inspirational use of renewable resources, we are focused on a variety of impact projects that will lead the way to a brighter future for our planet, and a better future for all of humanity.

Our partnerships advance sustainable agriculture with projects that represent compassion, innovation, and eco-friendly growing methods that promote harmony and balance to the biodiversity of our planet.

We are helping to leverage the medicinal properties of macro red algae through sustainable growth and harvesting on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. The ingredients and benefits of macro red algae have proven valuable as a sustainable commodity for the cosmetics and skincare industry.

Rosh Hanikra Israel

With careful project planning and implementation of lychee and avocado field to fork projects, our team is poised to help farmers create a sustainable source of income with high-quality yield and efficient distribution to optimize profit margins.

Daklak Vietnam

We provide onsite guidance and post-harvest support to farmers in Israel, Africa, and southeast Asia, in order to ensure best practices are followed to achieve an optimal result and maximum profitability.

Through planning, implementation, and management of medical cannabis projects, we seek to help farmers utilize the most profitable growing methods and source the best channels for distribution, as a means of capitalizing on growing demand.


Experience our story through powerful images that represent the best moments of our business. These are the moments that create lasting relationships and lasting memories for the team at Yam-Projects.